WePower: energy platform

WePower: energy platform

  • Arnaud Malfoy
  • Sunday, May 6, 2018

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WePower’s mission is to kickstart renewable energy projects across the world by creating a blockchain green energy trading platform where customers, investors and suppliers can meet. Currently, green projects are difficult to finance, there are a lot of intermediaries (banks, or institutional investors) and it’s not easy for individuals or companies to resell the energy produced (solar panels, wind or water turbine).


Suppliers will apply to join the platform, they will be vetted thoroughly and if accepted, allowed to start an auction of the energy they produced. The process will be streamlined and fast compared to the traditional model. So basically the suppliers will issue tokens at below market rates to fund their investment. The platform will eventually be linked to smart grids and IOT.


The market is huge and growing steadily through new initiatives by a lot of governments worried about climate change (Germany or China for instance).


The token will be linked to energy units (1 token = 1KWh). The circulating supply is around 423M. There will be a dividend provided by the energy producers to the token holders.


Their team has a lot of experience in the financial markets, as well as the energy and Tech sector. The company is backed by the Estonian government, Energy Australia and energy operators. Several solar power plants have joined the platform which bodes well for the future of the project.


The energy sector is in dire need of a revolution. WePower offers a solution to streamline the entire market process, reduce drastically market entries and offers finally a much needed boost to green energy where private individuals will be able to fund promising projects around the world. The current price is really cheap at $0.1483. With all the partners listed for this project, the great team and potential market, I’m quite confident that the price will be multiplied several times this year.