About Us ...

Why Queo.io?

Consulting 2.0: online/offline, clear language, fair fees and tailored-made solutions

  • During my career, I observed a lot of inefficiencies
  • caused by outdated rules, attitudes and tools.
  • Over the years, I developed an entire methodology and tools
  • to drastically increase productivity and drive change in organizations.
  • Recently, I decided to offer my expertise and create
  • Queo.io ("to know"/"to be capable of" in Latin) in order to
  • help businesses and individuals to reach their full potential with these steps:
  • - Rigorous planning with risks assessment to enhance execution
  • - Methodology and processes to improve quality and onboarding
  • - Identify and suppress bottlenecks to speedup production
  • - Share knowledge across departments to boost productivity
  • - Implement technology to automate your workflow
  • - Proven strategies to develop your business

Our Approach to Consulting Projects:

  • First Contact: we discuss the situation and agree on a scope
  • Discovery: Staff interviews
  • Data Collection: we request/collect data
  • Diagnosis: we organize and analyze the data
  • Report: we create an exhaustive report summarizing our findings and recommendations
  • Decision: you decide whether you want to act
  • Strategize: we decide together how we can proritize the execution
  • Implementation: time to coordinate and execute
  • Results: comparison with initial objectives, lessons learned, further opportunities uncovered
  • Follow-up: regular updates and support to your teams

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Having lived on 4 continents, and being fluent in 3 languages helps me find unorthodox solutions


Honesty, hard work and transparency. We write a plan together with deliverables and timeline


I have handled dozens of projects to implement proven strategies for long term benefits

Fair Pricing

Word to mouth, virtual office, we cut the fat to keep our prices fair for a long term partnership


We involve you during the process to get your feedback and update you with regular reports

Open Source

Open source hardware/software to give you the most flexibility and best value


Certified Agile Scrum to retain a necessary flexibility in the management of projects

Prince 2

Certified Prince 2 Foundation/Practictioner to give the perfect framework for your projects

6σ Lean Black Belt

Certified 6σ Lean Black Belt to introduce just-in-time and metrics based processes