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Leading through Execution

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Why Queo.io?

  • During my career, I observed a lot of inefficiencies
  • caused by outdated rules, attitudes and tools.
  • Over the years, I developed an entire methodology and tools
  • to drastically increase productivity and drive change in organizations.
  • Recently, I decided to offer my expertise and create
  • Queo.io ("to know"/"to be capable of" in Latin) in order to
  • help businesses and individuals to reach their full potential with these steps:
  • - Rigorous planning with risks assessment to enhance execution
  • - Methodology and processes to improve quality and onboarding
  • - Identify and suppress bottlenecks to speedup production
  • - Share knowledge across departments to boost productivity
  • - Implement technology to automate your workflow
  • - Proven strategies to develop your business

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Prince2 Practitioner
Six Sigma Black Belt
Agile Scrum Foundation
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Arnaud Malfoy

Arnaud Malfoy

Queo.io Owner/Founder

Arnaud has a master degree in management with a major in finance from a top European business school as well as 13-year International experience in Project Management, the Financial Markets, Technology, Corporate Finance, and Consulting in Europe, North America and Asia in companies ranging from startups to MNCs.






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Our Testimonials

Alex Chin

I had the pleasure of working with Arnaud during my tenure at Hotel Sentral Group. He has a lot of experience and gave various suggestions & solutions to our hotel challenges in terms of services and automation. I was very satisfied with his initiatives to grow and streamline the hotel operations. He is one of the few personalities that I am looking forward to have the opportunity to work again with.

Eeleen Tan

I'm fortunate to work with Arnaud. He is an insightful person and good in critical thinking. He always capable of giving effective solutions to problems and from there it helps clients to improve their businesses and spur the growth.

Citra Naya

Arnaud is a highly motivated, process driven manager and always on a mission to raise the bar. He provided a lot of good advice, tools and resources which helped me a lot to develop my skills. He enabled me to be more autonomous with clear goals and timeline. He also made sure to constantly drive the team and get the best of everyone.

Michelle Yong

Arnaud, without doubt, is most experienced and knowledgeable in the digital transformation industry to formulate successful strategies for his clients. We started our cooperation when we implemented a robust STAAH Channel Manager for Hotel Sentral Group in Malaysia in which he was the project director / consultant. Having his in-depth project and digital knowledge in the industry, the project was implemented smoothly and successfully. I would always recommend Arnaud to any hotel clients who would like to leverage his IT expertise to increase their business growth.

Quentin Wattier

I met Arnaud in KL when he was the Ambassador of Kedge BS in Malaysia. Arnaud organized plenty of networking sessions between Alumni and Students of Kedge, he impressed me by his global culture and his knowledge about the new problematics of our era, testifying from a strong critical analysis and creative thinking. Arnaud was also a strong support, he was always helpful in giving me advices about business environment in Asia and internationally as well. I recommend him warmly.

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